Paul Niehans Exclusive Skin Care Line

The Dr. Paul Niehans skin care line contributes to the prevention of premature skin deterioration and ageing. The Dr. Paul Niehans Clinic continously investigates the secrets of Youth and Beauty. The result is a range of products specially formulated to protect and beautify your skin.

The Dr. Paul Niehans skin care treatments are cellular based skin care cosmetics specially devised to revitalize naturally and profoundly the epidermis of the body and face.

The spectacular results achieved with these skin care line derive from ground-breaking experiment performed by Professor Dr. Niehans and applied for medical use in the exclusive and renowned Niehans Clinic, located in Switzerland.


The cellular complexes used in the Dr. Niehans creams are biological and their energy tends to revitalize the natural defenses and increase the resistance of the skin to environmental aggression (pollution, ultra-violet rays).

By actively combating the phenomenon of the ageing of the cutaneous appartus, wrinkles are visibily softened and the skin is protected and benefited.

Exclusive Paul Niehans
Skin Care Line