Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a method which aims are to influence, through the neuro-vegetative system the cause of various affections and to encourage the healing and defence mechanisms .

How does Neural Therapy act on your body?

The interchange of information and the processing of impulses are carried out through our nervous system. Impulses which are too strong disturb and block the communication in our regulating system.

All neural therapeutical methods have a regulating effect and help to remove the blocking. By this, reactions are made possible which regulate the existing troubles and stimulate the body’s defence mechanism, so that it may again begin to work, and so that a self-healing process may thereby be set in motion.

How cand the doctor regulate our regulating system?

Your doctor injects a neural therapeutic anaesthetic substance into very specific points of your body. It is of primary importance to choose the right place for injections, since the neural therapeutic unfolds its first effect in the area of injection.

The most important indications for Neural Therapy are:

Migraines, headaches, ischias, lumbagos, affection of the hip or knee articulation, aching shoulder articulations, tennis elbow, and also certain ear affections, troubles of the thyroid gland (vegetative dystonia) and a series of other chronic affections.

This enumeration is not determinant, and it is possible that your doctor will be treating other affections by way of neural therapy.